Blessing of the Blankets


Blessing of the blankets was created to bring comfort and healing prayers to those in need.  The blankets are quilted in silence and filled lovingly with prayers of healing for those who will receive them. 

Once finished, my husband, Lance and I take the quilts to the most loving peaceful place we know where we place the quilts on a table over the water and pray blessings upon them and those who will receive them.  This photo is of our dear friends Michael, Cecilia and I at The Quiet Place with the first set of quilts I made for the center.

Some of our guest will use a blanket while here and leave it for another guest. Some will take a quilt home and pass it onto someone to benefit from when they have recovered and no longer have need of it, while others may hold onto their quilt indefinitely or send it back to be shared with another.    


My daughter was given a blanket while at Awakenings.  Afterwards when her sisters were experiencing some health issues she gave it to them.  Her sister then passed the blanket to me when I wasn’t feeling well.  I found it very helpful.  Later, I was on a camping trip and feeling stressed.  I had taken the blanket with me and when I used it I could feel the warmth of your energy healing and prayers soothing me to sleep. 

Thank you,
Teresa Kaeter


Grayson loves his quilt.  He says “Sometimes I share it with my Mom.”

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