I want to tell the world about an amazing healer – Deborah Schlag. She is building an amazing healing center near Asheville, North Carolina and is a gifted energy healer. She is generous, kind and loving and a true gift to humanity. That is all.


I was given the opportunity this year for healing by Deborah Schlag, a distant energy healer. I had been holding emotional pain and trauma for years that was now affecting my physical body and other areas of my life. We first talked on the phone and then I lay down for a time as Deborah sent energy to my body, mind and soul. This was an amazing experience for me as I could actually feel the circulating energy causing a shift in my body. The energy that I felt was warm, inviting and loving! Afterwards we spoke on the phone again and Deborah beautifully pinpointed many problem areas: pain in my left shoulder, back, and knee; tinnitus in my left brain area; including the trauma that I have been exposed to; and even her ability to sense those in my life who are no longer with me in the physical form. I felt such peace come over my “being” and am most grateful for her kindness. I highly recommend Deborah for energy healing as she is a blessing to those who are fortunate enough to be open to and receive her gifts from her presence of “light”.

Love and blessings, Tracey Anne Miller

I had major surgery in November 2014 and was recovering in the hospital. I had a major hernia repaired due to a colostomy and I was expected to be in the hospital about seven days. I came out of the surgery and anesthesia with high anxiety and mental discomfort that could be described as “fight or flight.” My blood pressure was high. After the first few days I also had developed a blockage in my bowels which was extremely serious, as the blockage was related to the surgery. My surgeon informed me on a Tuesday afternoon that if the situation did not correct itself, he would have to re-operate on me by Friday morning. Panic set in. Deborah was contacted and informed of the situation. After a phone chat, she performed some energy work at a distance on me. I immediately felt more relaxed with less anxiety and absolutely no pain. I did not need any pain medication after that session and my healing seemed to accelerate. Even getting out of bed was now pain free. By early the next afternoon, the blockage had cleared up and a second surgery was avoided. I found out later that Deborah intuitively knew where the blockage was, as it matched where the CT scan indicated. She did another session with me from a distance after I got out of the hospital with positive results. In my opinion, Deborah is a very intuitive and gifted healer.


The healing I received helped me to get rid of a lot of stuff I was holding onto emotionally. I felt the work all over my body. I always held it all in. I never even cried at my own father’s funeral. When you were done, I opened my eyes and cried, letting it all out. I realized you have to let go in order to move forward and heal. I have noticed I no longer hold onto, I am more confident and able to speak my voice.
Thank you,

Judy Hartung

The healing session I had with you felt like I was in heaven. I was at peace, filled with love and light. When you said I was blocked; that’s exactly how I had been feeling. This is a good thing you are doing and I hope this helps another to understand – it’s a good thing.

Teresa Kaeter

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